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Rastislav Belko

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City, country: Košeca, Slovakia

Handpan instruments: Instrument: Panormus (D minor) – bought on 3 March 2015 and sold on 10 August 2015; Innersound (Melog) since 11 August 2015

Website: http://rastislavbelko.sk/

About me: Rastislav Belko was born on 13 January 1990 in the town of Ilava, in the western part of Slovakia. At the moment, he lives at “LOVINKA”, a beautiful place surrounded by nature, near the village of Cinobaňa in central Slovakia. His father introduced him to music early on. It was at the age of seven, when he first encountered the piano and had his first hands-on contact with music. Growing up, he studied the guitar and actively played percussions. He became a member of the band “PICTURE of The Day”, and together they created three albums. In his twenties, he started working in the IT industry and didn’t stop until August 2015. Now he has replaced work with pleasure and the joy of playing the handpan, which he discovered in March 2015 (Panormus D Minor). In August 2015, he obtained an Innersound Melog drum

Rastislav Belko - InnersoundRastislav Belko - Panormus

Videos of Rastislav Belko on the handpanglobal.com channel


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