overtone handpan

Overtone Hand Pan

Overtone Hand Pan is a musical instrument, an analogue of swiss hang drum. It has been produced since 2012 in Chekhov town, Russian Federation. An instrument possesses 8-10 tonality ranges i.e. notes. There are several varieties of sound adjustment in the range of B of the two-line octave to E of the five-line octave. It is made of DC04 steel in mandrel technics. In manufacturing process blanks are exposed to thermochemical treatment, particularly to gas nitriding. That provides an excellent sound and longevity of the instrument.

Kurd D

  • Чехов Эндуро
  • Overtone handpan Kurd B2
  • Overtone handpan Hijaz A2
  • Hijaz A2
  • Overtone handpan Hijaz A2
  • тест чехла
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