Marcos Úbeda

Marcos Úbeda

I am percussionist and drummer mainly, but I play other instruments aswell like guitar, didgeridoo, voice, etc, and since few time ago I get my own handpan. Such amazing instrument.

More about Marcos music: 

Minimalist-Psychedelic-Experimental guitar album -Sounds From Dreams

Sounds From Dreams is a project by Marcos Úbeda. Minimalist-Mantra-Psychedelic-Experimental album where everything has been improvised, recording a ...

  • Heart Beat - Handpan music
  • Hindu Caravan - Handpan Music
  • Australian Desert - Handpan Music
  • Tan d´andour - Handpan music. Maria Desbordes and Marcos Úbeda
  • Sound Bath Gong and Voices
  • Sound Journey Urban Shamans

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