Koan sound sculpture

KOAN Sound Sculpture

KOAN :”in the tradition of Zen, the koan is a riddle that aims to separate us from the logic and the rational to enter another world view The Koan is there to help us unlearn and out of our. prejudices and projections ”

Website: http://koanpan.com

KOAN- Handpan- Hijaz 10

  • KOAN - F MAGOR - 10 -
  • KOAN D Amara ( D A C D E F G A C D )
  • KOAN D HIAJZ 10 1
  • KOAN Integral/Classic 1,25mm played by Guitòti
  • KOAN - handpan- F# minor - played by guitòti
  • KOAN - D. Amara - played by Guitòti
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