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Daniel Waples

Daniel Waples is from London, he got his first HandPan in 2007,
he supports himself as an independent musician whist spreading the gospel of the HandPan, an instrument associated with energy work and alternative healing, and one which he hopes will become a Symbol for universal peace and the Inner journeys all people take pursuing their individual Paths.

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'Bello Ricordi' live at the 100BucksClub - Missenden Abbey | Daniel Waples & Flavio Lopez

Subscribe for much more Handpan related content: www.youtube.com/danielwaples Download much of my music on a 'pay as you like' basis: www.hanginbalance.bandcamp.com For more: Let's get better connected 🙂 NewsLetter - http://bit.ly/HIBnewz Social - http://bit.ly/HIB-Facebook ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Produced by Spacerocket Media for Sennheiser, April 2018. Filmed at Missenden Abbey as part of the inaugural 100 Bucks Members Club networking event. https://www.100bucks.club Cameras: Stephen Partridge Audio Producer: Warren Bassett Director/Editor: Stephen Partridge info@spacerocketlive.com

  • Davide Swarup Cliffside Improvisation - filmed by Daniel Waples [Binaural recording]
  • Davide Swarup - "Binaural" Cliffside improvisation in Goa [Wear headphones for full effect]
  • Hooke #2 live session with Daniel Waples & Yu He Lin (Bonnie) | Binaural recording - wear headph
  • Hooke #1 live session with Daniel Waples & Yu He Lin (Bonnie) | Binaural recording - wear headphones
  • A chat with Matthieu Mark, founder of the Shellopan Cooperative | with Daniel Waples
  • Binaural recording of an Aura Handpan at the Sun Altar of COSM | Daniel Waples (wear headphones)


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