Mike Dürigen - Caisaman - Transcending Ambient Music

Mike Dürigen – Caisaman – Transcending Ambient Music

Inspiring Sounds and Catchy Rhythms that take you on a Journey

Mike Dürigen – Caisaman – Transcending Ambient Music

caisaman feat. david minguillon "floating"

summer 2017, haute provence, lac de sainte croix, france we will be back there in 2018.

  • "le reve du monde"
  • caisaman "morning bird"
  • evening with friends 11.2016 maastricht
  • caisaman feat. isabelle dosne " montmartre "
  • caisaman feat. isabelle dosne, "petite bijou"
  • handpan&scales

Born and raised in Leipzig/ Germany, I am currently living most of the time in Maastricht/ Netherlands.
Has traditionally been devoted to the rhythm of the music, and fall for several years the passion of percussion, I discovered in 2009 at a musicfestival the caisa.
later I found my new Instrument, the steelharp.

Caisa and steelharp are the idiophones attributable musical instruments, convex steel drums, which are played with the hands, and remember their spherical and soothing sounds of a mix of steel drum, guitar and harp.
The lenticular instruments consist of two interconnected shells made of hardened steel. On the upper half shell several tone fields are tuned.

In recent years caused by the focus on the game with caisa and steelharp was created a variety of own compositions on these exceptional instruments whose exotic sounds fascinate and inspire the audience.

I like to accompany your event and give this a special acoustic frame. Whether …

private events
bars & restaurants
concerts and festivals
yoga lessons/ events
store openings
family celebrations

world, ambient, folk

Musician: Mike Dürigen

Caisaman website: http://www.caisaman.com/

Bandcamp: https://caisaman.bandcamp.com

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