Aciel Handpans


Makers: Jimmy James and Michael Colley, Jimmy makes the pans and Michael is a tuner

Buying and selling: From time to time, you can find available instruments on Aciel’s Facebook page, or you can try your luck and join the waitlist.

Instruments from eBay shouldn’t cost more than €1.050



Videos of Aciel handpans on the channel

Jam session

  • Garichigô - Hitzazkiar (PANArt Hang) + Onoleo (Symphonic Steel)
  • Garichigô - Handpan Symphonic Steel Onoleo - First explorations
  • Garichigô - Handpan Meraki Kurd 9 (Kurd+C)
  • Garichigô - Aciel Handpan C# Pygmy scale
  • Yamaha Drums Recording Custom Vintage Kit
  • AngeDrums
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